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Stable construction is what we do. We specialise in building affordable stables for horses and we can make just about anything you want. Whether you’re looking to build just one stable with a single stall or multiple stables, a tack room, a feed room and paddock fencing, we can help. All you need to do is tell us how big you want your horse stables to be and we’ll quote accordingly.

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We consider ourselves to be the best horse stable builders in town due to our affordable prices, great service and quality work.

If it’s horse stables that you’re after, we can build them just for you. If you need a few changes to our standard stables, all you have to do is ask. We normally make stable doors with just the bottom but some people prefer the top as well and it’s easy to do. We normally build corrugated iron roofs but we have customers who prefer IBR sheeting or don’t mind paying a little extra to get a wooden roof and we’re more than happy to oblige. Is your a horse a kicker? Simply let us know. We can add some kick plates for you to stop them kicking the timber out. If you need wooden fencing for paddocks, just ask and we will oblige.

Have you just done a search for ‘Horse stables Gauteng‘ and found us? Well that’s worked out really well. We service the whole country on larger projects but we’re based in Gauteng and that’s where we’re best.

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Many people look for stables for sale but with us you don’t just have to take what’s available, we custom build our stables for you. We custom build wooden stables to suit our customers needs. For example, if you need a large overhang on you wooden horse stable, we can do it. If you’re looking to save costs, ask about our open stables.

Not only have we got great wooden stables for sale but we can build brick stables too!

We happen to like building wooden horse stables as they’re quick to erect, affordable and eco friendly. Our timber stables won’t set you back an arm and a leg and we can put them up really quickly. Whether you choose our timber horse stables or our brick stables, you can rest assured, your horses and ponies will be have a great home. We can literally custom build any stables you like, whether you want luxurious brick stables built according to an architect’s specifications or the cheapest rough wood temporary stables for a horse show. In fact we have literally built 100’s of temporary stables designed simply for a show.

Are you looking for some nice big barn stables? We look forward to the project. Our horse stables for sale can include just about anything you may need.

Stable construction is our thing. We know how special your horses are to you and we take pride in our work. Horses are magnificent, intelligent. incredible creatures that have a way of capturing our hearts and we aim to build you the very best stables that you can afford.

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